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There : My Students/Friends

A Note From A-Ra
This is a note from A-Ra. She is crazy. In a good way. I am the Camel. Or I used to be, before I shaved my beard.

This is A-Ra. She is a Zombie and or an Alien.
This is Eun-Jin. Her nickname is Cha Cha.
This is Gyeong-Jin. She sat on a dragonfly today.
This is Hee-Ra. She wants to be a nurse in America to make tons of money.
This is Hyeon-Mi. She loves the lead singer from the group “Big Bang”.
This is Jae-Hee. Her last name is No, like the command. She is also the class leader.
This is Joo-Hyuk. He is my roommate. In this picture he is mocking Johnny Depp. He is awesome for this reason alone.
This is Min-Jung. She put tape on her eyebrows to be the Mona Lisa for Charades.
This is Na-Ra. She is so sweet she once killed a diabetic.
This is Sang-Moon. He is secretly filled with graphic design hopes and dreams.
This is Sa-Yeong. Her nickname is White Pig.
This is Sun-Chul. He is the dude to call if you want party games. He’s also got mad leadership skillz. He is my roommate.
This is Tae-Sin. He is my roommate. He is also a beautiful butterfly.
This is Tae-Yeong. He great fun. He knows more English songs than I do.
This is Yoon-Seok. He is a man without fear.

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