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There : News, Travel and Food Poisoning, in that Order

April 25, 2008 1 comment

By way of a quick update, I’m coming home on May 15th. I miss home, but I think I will miss Korea very quickly after I get back. I already kind of do.

So, let’s begin. On Tuesday the Korean news came to our classes to video tape us. This quickly devolved into setting up some of the most un-authentic and misrepresenting scenes I’ve ever taken part in. It was frustrating. We had to pretend like we sang songs, played and what have you; anything that looked good on camera. I’ve seen enough Korean news to know that it isn’t that uncommon. Certainly, they show things like murders and other tragedies with proper solemn-ness. Probably political events, too. But anything remotely fun or human interest gets scripted (to an amount I feel is significantly more than in Kansas, at least). This is disappointing to me, largely because Koreans already have a fairly misguided English education system, and equally misguided ideas about foreigners.

On Wednesday I went to MoonGyung SaeJae (문경 새재) with a friend. It was quite fun. It’s a historical site, and quite beautiful. There were also a lot of school children there, who would say “hi” to me, but only when they walked past me (to my back). The bus ride from Pohang was pretty long, but other than that, it was one of my favorite places in Korea (well, one of my favorite touristy places). I’ll try to upload some pictures next week.

On Thursday, I got food poisoning. I don’t recommend it. I still couldn’t tell you WHY I got it, as I didn’t eat anything abnormal or low class. But about 4-5 hours after eating supper I was throwing up and experiencing various digestive problems. I’m still in the process of recovering, one day later. While it doesn’t give me a negative opinion of Korean food, it’s certainly a bit of a shock. My friend and roommate, who has been here for about a year and a half, said he has gotten sick like that a few times. My suggestion, should you be faced with this, is to throw up as soon and as much as you can. And get some medicine. It’s a bit less convenient to get over-the-counter medicines in Korea, simply because you should go to a pharmacy. Stores and markets don’t seem to have much/any medicines (though I’m told they do, I’ve not seen any, and it’s certainly much, much less).

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