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There : Chusok Part 2

September 25, 2007 Leave a comment

Chusok has come and gone. I had a good time. I’m sure it’s much different for native Koreans, who have family to get together with, but most of the foreigners here just floated around. The Chinese are the most popular group here, and most of them seemed to stay here and play on the computers the whole time. More power to them. The Cambodians, of whom there are two, went to other cities. One of the visiting American Professors went to Seoul and hung out with other foreigners he met. Jared went to Inchon and hung out with other foreigners he met.

I spent the day before Chusok hanging out with my friend Grace. This is extra special because she brought me food, so that I did not starve. During the Chusok holiday, Sunlin closed down their stores and cafeteria. I could have eaten Ramen and survived, but instead Grace brought Kimbap, which is much tastier than Ramen.
Then Jared came back from Inchon, and he two of his friends and I went to a park by the beach and then ate seafood. It was also better than Ramen.

On Chusok day, the pastor of my church invited Jared and I to eat lunch with them. It was a really good meal. It was also a lot of fun. The daughter in the family is also a student in Jared’s class, and the daughter, son and mother speak excellent English, so we had good conversation.
After dinner we played a Korean game which sounds like it had a similar function to lots (IE: Casting Lots). Basically there is a board, 2 teams of 4 “horses” each, and 4 long wooden sticks that act as dice. You throw the sticks, and how they land decides how far you can move a horse in your turn. If the sticks land face up, it means one thing, face down it means another, and the combination there-of determines your moves. You move all of your little horses around the board until they are all safe and you win. It was a good time. We played in teams, with the parents, kids, the Americans and even their grandmother playing. It was a lot of fun.
After that we went and watched “Invasion” with the kids while the adults prepared for their family supper. Invasion was ok, but the fact was, it was just fun to be with friends. After the show we bought some weird lollipop type things on the street. They were big disks of burnt sugar that smelled and tasted just like roast marshmallow (but harder), and they had little designs pressed into them. They were too sugary, but fun.

Then Jared, another American professor and I got some food downtown and went home.

There is still another day of vacation, today, but I don’t know that anything exciting is going to happen, so I’ll end my Chusok coverage here.